October News

The law firm of Curtin & DeJoseph, P.C. is pleased to announce that Cynthia Maxwell Curtin has become of counsel to the firm. Ms. Curtin brings to the firm over 25 years of experience in employment and discrimination law. Her experience includes neutral, independent investigations of complaints in the employment context (e.g., under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended, etc.) and in the college and university setting (e.g., under Title IX, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, etc.). She has conducted over 1,000 investigations. In addition, Ms. Curtin is highly experienced in providing appropriate training and seminars regarding employment and discrimination laws. She works closely with organizations to ensure that her educational programming is consistent with and reinforces the vision and mission of the organization. She has provided over 1,000 training sessions including training of Boards of Trustees, Boards of Directors, executive teams, faculty members, staff members, students. The training is key to ensuring compliance with the myriad of laws impacting organizations.

Ms. Curtin is a graduate of Brown University (Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude) and the University of California, School of Law (Law Review and recipient of American Jurisprudence  ward). She is licensed in California only and continues to practice in California. By joining Curtin & DeJoseph, Ms. Curtin will be working with attorneys, Mr. Paul J. Curtin, Jr., Ms. Christina F. DeJoseph and Mr. Brian T. Sinsabaugh who are licensed in New York.

Ms. Curtin joins Paul J. Curtin, Jr. in his on-going practice including real estate, municipal law, planning and development law. Brian T. Sinsabaugh works with Mr. Curtin in his practice and looks forward to working with Ms. Curtin in her practice. Ms. DeJoseph is on maternity leave. Please contact Ms. Curtin at 315-815-4221 or 315-530-8745 or (in California) 805-239-1620 for more information.